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Why Choose


Founded by researchers. Managed by researchers. Staffed with researchers. While other temp agencies focus on everything (meaning nothing), we focus on one thing - placing talented research professionals in roles with clients who know the importance of having the right person with the right knowledge fill the critical workforce gap.


We understand the value of time. We've been in your shoes and know that when you have a workforce gap that needs to be filled, it needs to be filled NOW. We work as fast as YOU can to quickly place a highly qualified research professional on your team.


We understand your needs. Not all research is created equal. You might need a Market Researcher, you might need a UX researcher. You might need a qual specialist, you might be looking for a quant expert. We take the time to listen to you to deeply understand the gap you need to fill, and then ensure the right person with the right skills becomes part of your team.


No headaches due to complexity. Navigating your internal systems is hard enough. You don't need to spend any time making sure your extended workforce is taken care of too. We take care of every employee at Covariate, managing benefits, performance reviews, and all the other details that need to be managed so you don't have to think about them.


Our commitment to getting it right. Bringing on a workforce extension is a big deal. And we won't rest until we know we get it right. We work tirelessly to match the right person to your role. That means that you're not only getting the work done, but that you're genuinely satisfied with the engagement.

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